Leadership Circle Members

The Leadership Circle was established in 2002 and currently consists of over 200 donors. For more information on the exclusive benefits and enduring recognition offered to Leadership Circle members, please visit apla.org/leadershipcircle.

Humanitarian ($25,000 and above)

Howard Gleicher and Damon Chen

Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation

Benefactor ($12,000 to $24,999)

Tony Conway

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Todd Seabold

Trammell Whitfield

Community Partner ($6,000 to $11,999)

Kenneth Chiampou

Dan Clivner and Steven Cochran

Cameron M. Diaz

Dean Hale

Pete Johnson

Leslie Joseph

Shawn Khorrami

Jonathan Murray and Harvey Reese

John Sealy

Frank Taplin

Patron ($3,000 to $5,999)

Robert Alschuler

Grace Ray Anderson

Toby Bloom

Stephanie Buonopane

Andrew Chamberlain

Daniel Davis and Michael Casares, M.D.

David Dyck

Stanley and Gloria Fishfader

Stephen and Lana Fitzpatrick

Delia Frankel

Joyce Froot

Uri Herscher

Deborah and Robert Hinderliter

David Hockney

Mark Kadzielski

James Klawiter

Arnold and M. Caroline Kleiner

Doug Levi

Bernard Lewis Charitable Foundation

Michael Lutgen

Edward McCarthy

Ken McLean and T.J. Hurtubise

James McNamara and Franco Laguna

Mark and Mary Medley

Cynthia Miscikowski

Vince Otte

Don and Bess Owens

Jonathan Reeves

George Shapiro

Samantha Siegel

Scott Sigman and Floyd Weldon

Donna and Greg Spears

Neil Spidell

Faith Strong

Craig E. Thompson and Walter Lowry

Collaborator ($1,200 to $2,999)

Timothy Aldrete

Pamela Andrada

John Anthony

Vikas Arora*

Leslie Baker

Ernie Barojas and Michael Ganger*

Shannon Bartley and Daniel Flournoy

George Berger

Aviva Bergman

Gary and Cynthia Bergo

Pam and Julian Bieber

Barbara Blywise and Joan and Sheldon Steier

John Boccardo and John Esplin

Linda Bolton

Matt Bosson

Jay Brecker and Eileen Cowin

Tom Breslin

Bruce Brown and Gilbert Lagac

Keith Brown*

George and Barbara Byrne

Daniel Castellaneta and Deborah Lacusta

Darrin Chin and Christopher Akers

Richard Chung

Susan Claman and Rick Gruber

Diane Connors

Antonio Conte

Beth and Neal Cutler

Eric Daar

Dart Group Foundation

The Davidow Charitable Fund

M. J. De Carvalho

Mark DeCunha

Frances Diaz

Todd Dickey*

Steven Diener

Craig Dougherty*

Robin Dumas

Fielding Edlow and Larry Clarke

Kerry Ehrin

Chad Eisner

Alan and Kaye Ewalt

Brian Flach

Wayne Flick

Joy Flores

Manuel Flores-Esteves

Virginia Ford

Timothy Fortes

O'Neill Foster

Cameron Fox

Daniel Frattali

Fred Siegel Foundation

Brenda and Thomas Freiberg*

Jacob Garcia

Jack and Diane Garlock

Scott Gauch*

Frank and Berta Gehry

Jay Gladstein and Eric Geiger

Gloria Gold

Mark Goodson*

Eliot Graham and John M. Celowanchik

Alfredo Granai

Fidelia Gutierrez

Elsie Hadley

Brian Harper

Eugene Hawkins

Hay Foundation and Louise Hay

Jami Heidegger

Thomas Heiman

David Hinton and Ramon Campos

The Daniel Hovenstine Trust

Raymond Howard

Henry Hurd

Kacy Hutchison


JDL Design

Gregory Jennings

Dave and Sheila Johnson

Brian Jones

Lisa Josephson

Robert Kane

Maria Kay

Elbert Kirby

Joseph Kotzin

Rachel Kurstin

H. Lane

Linda Lasley

Bonnie Lawyer

Mark Lee

Steve Levitt*

Simon and Theresa June Li

Marion Liberotti

Robert Linnell

Jules Litwak

Janet Llewellyn

John Locke

Los Angeles Charitable Association, Inc.

Jay Luchs

Terry Lynch and Jim Martin

Arthur Macbeth

Roger MacFarlane

Luke Mahoney

Richard March

Craig and Diane Martin

Reba Merrill

Marc Meyer

Wendy and Barry Meyer

Jeffrey Michaels

Tony Mills, M.D.*

Moises Miranda

Andrew Morrow and Ernesto Diaz

Brian Morrow

David Neale

Michael O'Brien

Enrique Ochoa

John Oden and Mark Dizik

Judith O'Hara

George Padilla and Vincent J. Manarite*

Marc and Christine Palotay

Peter Perkowski and Kevin Amell

Mark Perrin*

Dean Pitchford and Michael Mealiffe

Mike Potter

Doug Rago and Stephen Arel

Samuel Ramirez

Weslie Rau

Thomas Reichert

Steve and Linda Richman

John Rock

Room & Board

Peter Ruane*

Stephen Russell

Bobby Sadler

Paul Santello and Tim McLean

Susan Schulman

Charles and Jackie Schwartz

David Schwartz Foundation, Inc.

Kathleen and Garland Schweickhardt

Mike and Kathy Scroggie

Phil Selway*

Ralph Shapiro and Karen Parsons

Mark and Elizabeth Sharzer

Derrick Shore

Ozzie Silna

Leon Silverman and Suzanne E. Stevens

Lynne Steele

Tracy Steinsapir

Jeff Swofford and Brian Risley*

Eliazar Talamantez

Daniel Taylor

John Teeples

Cliff Teston*

Kenneth Todd

Carl and Jennine Townsend

Cecilia Vajna

Ronald Valdez*

Anahi Van Zandweghe

Bill Viola and Kira Perov

Kenneth Wagar

A. Lee Wallace

David and Sylvia Weisz Family Philanthropic Fund

Jacqueline Whited

Susan Whitfield

Tom Whitman*

Paul Wiesepape

James Williams*

Carl Winberg

Lawrence Wine

Brian Wix

Robert Wood

Tarik Yetken

*Special thanks to the Champions of Care for the their multi-year sustaining gifts.

Join the Leadership Circle

Yes! I would like to join the Leadership Circle to support APLA's programs and services in a meaningful way.

To get started, send an email to Tarik Yetken, Annual Giving Manager, at tyetken@apla.org, or call him directly at 213.201.1564. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about supporting APLA’s programs and services by becoming a member of the Leadership Circle.