Optimist May 2013

What’s New

The Straight Men’s HIV-Positive Support Group

APLA is currently interviewing interested clients for a new support group for HIV-positive straight men. The group will be a pilot program with a focus on eliciting feedback from group members to better understand the unique needs and challenges of straight men living with HIV, and how group-based services might best address those needs. While the pilot program will help sharpen the focus of the ongoing support group, the basic framework will concentrate on the expansion of resources, resilience, and connectedness of group members. Although specific time and day have yet to be determined, the group will likely be held in the early evening. If interested, please call 213.201.1621 or email Walter Campos at wcampos@apla.org.

Additional Support Group Services

The Straight Men’s Support Group joins a wide array of support groups at The David Geffen Center, including: Gay Men’s, Women First, Spanish-Speaking Gay/Bi Men’s, Hetero Men & Women’s, as well as a grief and loss group: Loss, Transition, and Transformation.

Additionally, APLA offers two support groups at our West Hollywood location: Gay Sexuality and Identity: A to Z (in collaboration with Being Alive), as well as Back to Life, a relapse prevention group.

APLA also continues its partnership with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center with the 50+ Gay Men’s group, and will soon be adding an additional group: Gay, Gray, and Great. This group will focus on gay identity and aging.

All groups mentioned are currently accepting new members or would be happy to place interested clients on a waitlist. For more information, please call 213.201.1621.

30 Years of Service

APLA is commemorating 30 years of service this year, and we have a number of events planned. First, we have an all-staff reunion planned for Saturday, June 22 at the former APLA building at 1313 North Vine Street in Hollywood (now the Academy building). If you are a former or current APLA staff member and would like to join us, please RSVP at apla.org/30reunion. In addition, keep your eyes open for a 30 Year Volunteer Reunion this Fall, as well as a major fundraiser commemorating our three decades of work. For more information, please contact Bart Verry at bverry@apla.org.