LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Marking 30 years of AIDS

By Robert Alschuler

June 7, 2011

Re "A mixed picture of AIDS at 30," June 5

In October 1981, my father had heart surgery; he recovered quickly and began a healthier life. At the time he was a very successful attorney in Los Angeles.

Three years later he started to get sick and had to stop working. Not one doctor knew what was wrong or how to help him. He died in 1987 because of the transfusion of HIV-tainted blood during his surgery.

My mother lied to her friends and told them he died of cancer because of the stigma of AIDS.

This story is one of many about people who were not gay or promiscuous but were struck down by this horrible disease. Since that time I have supported AIDS Project Los Angeles and have come to terms with my father's death. Every time I hear of a new drug or therapy to defeat AIDS, I feel encouraged.