La Toya Jackson says cutthroat attitude real on "Celebrity Apprentice"

By Jodi Jill for National Celebrity Headlines Examiner

April 26, 2011

La Toya Jackson was the latest celebrity who heard the words ‘You’re Fired’ in Donald Trump’s boardroom on Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice. After being targeted by the project manager, Star Jones, it was no doubt Jackson would have some words on how she was eliminated for her exit interview on the NBC Today show Monday morning.

Sharing what some might be surprised to learn, the ladies team A.S.A.P. is a cutthroat group of women. Unwilling to back down, the ladies take it to such a level that the audience seemed shocked to watch.

“It's sad when people take it to a different level. We are doing it for charity. I think we should keep that in mind, but there are some that would cut your throat to get ahead," says La Toya Jackson. "That's the personality of the true individual.”

While La Toya Jackson was fired this week, don’t expect the drama to end as Neke Leaks and Star Jones go head to head in the next task. With money on the line, the ladies don’t seem to back down on any level. Neke has said more than once the love is lacking between the two ladies and rumor for the show is one of the biggest showdowns on Apprentice is coming up next week.

As for La Toya Jackson she is getting on with her life and helping her charity after being cast off the show. AIDS Project Los Angeles, which was the charity on the Celebrity Apprentice benefited directly from the funds they received and Jackson is the one to thank for that as she had to tolerate the cutthroat attitude on Celebrity Apprentice.

The Celebrity Apprentice is on Sunday night. Check your local listing for showtime.