Danny Fernandes and Angel Carter Do the Oscars!

By Tina Molly Lang

March 2, 2011

APLA's 10th Annual Oscar Viewing Party (Benefiting AIDS PROJECT Los Angeles) was held the other night during The Academy Awards, and it was a coming out party for Canadian singer Danny Fernandes and his American
girlfriend Angel Carter!

The sweet couple walked the red carpet hand-in-hand, never leaving each other's side as they answered questions and smiled for the cameras. While inside the two chatted with other celebrities such as Stephanie Pratt from The Hills and Marisa Ramirez from Spartacus.

Danny, who met Angel many years ago when he was a back-up dancer for her twin brother Aaron Carter, have been dating for a while, but the APLA event was their first 'official' as a new couple. Despite coming from a famous family (Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys), Angel told the media on the red carpet that the only celebrity in her life was Danny.

The Canadian singer has been all over the charts in Canada with his various singles, and now that he has covered the North, Danny is ready to make the move to The United States, like fellow artists Justin Bieber and Drake.

If the Oscar events were any indication of the interest in the young Canadian star, I'm sure we will see a lot more of this delightful couple in the near future.

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