Books for the Beach and Beyond

By Gregg Shapiro

June 17, 2011

Although it seemed like it would never get here, summer and warmer temperatures have arrived, which means time spent outdoors at the beach, in the park, at a sidewalk café, with a book to read. The following are a few suggestions for your summer reading list.

A collection of words and images that highlights the impacts of HIV and AIDS among people of color, War Diaries(AIDS Project Los Angeles/Global Forum on HIV and MSM, 2011), edited by Tisa Bryant and Ernest Hardy, contains work by Kevin Simmonds, Jericho Brown, avery r. young, G. Winston James, Reginald Harris, Samiya Bashir and others.

(Excerpt: see the rest of the article at http://gaychicagonews.com/blog/2011/06/books-for-the-beach-and-beyond/)