Obama's HIV/AIDS Strategy Given Mixed Reviews

July 15, 2010

On Wednesday, July 13 2010, the Obama Administration released the HIV/AIDS strategy, which was met with mixed reviews.

Jeff Crowley, the White House Director of the Office of National AIDS Programs, along with coordinated efforts of other government agencies, community organizations, and with important feedback from HIV/AIDS patients, formulated the structure of the HIV/AIDS strategy plan.

The plan calls for greater access to quality health care, increase education, and to stop the discrimination that often arises within the Healthcare and public communities. Updated guidelines for the HIV counseling arena is another important area mentioned in the plan to improve the care of the people that live with HIV/AIDS.

These are the goals for the next five years.

President Obama made a campaign promise to put forth a plan to advance and improve the care, and prevention of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It appears that this plan is an effort to make good on what he promised. However, some do not think that he went far enough.

AIDS Project Los Angeles supports the national HIV/AIDS strategy. They believe the plan is a big step in the right direction to improve the fight against and the prevention of the HIV/AIDS virus. It has been thirty years since the U.S. has been fighting to save lives and reduce the numbers of new cases. They feel that now we have an organized strategy to bring the deadly disease to an end.