DO GOOD: Uncover The Cure!

April 9, 2010

The past year has seen one of the largest economic downturns in our nations history. One the largest casualties from this financial collapse is small local organizations that support and provide for their communities.

In July of 2009, the State of California slashed its budget for HIV/AIDS programs in half, stripping away close to $85 million that had been used for critical HIV services and prevention efforts.

Local AIDS organizations including APLA must now find other sources of funding or face the possibility of devastating cuts in services.

Partners Julie Shama, Nicole Poulos and Will Frank Kiker looked to the thriving and eclectic community of artists and musicians in Los Angeles to donate their time and talents to help support this wonderful organization, the result of which became UNCOVERING A CURE.

The record is composed of timeless and well-known songs from a wide variety of artists interpreted by up and coming California artists.

One aspect to love about this album is the diverse journey through lighthearted pop, dance, jazz, blues, electronic, and hard rock. And these songs are crafted in so many unique and exciting ways. There’s really something for everyone on it.

The compilation includes S.A.F Project (Rod Jackson, former Slash’s Snakepit frontman), Halloween Jack (Stephen Perkins of Janes Addiction, Gilby Clarke of Guns n’ Roses and Eric Dover of Alice Cooper), Lindsey Ray (who covers The Lovin’ Spoonful “Daydream”), you may recognize from the past Target Campaign with her song “Brand New Day”….. Oh Darling (covering The Zombie’s “Time of the Season”), a great indie/rock/pop band who has had songs on TV shows like One Tree Hill and in a nation wide Volkswagen commercial.

You can buy the album “Uncovering A Cure” now, here!