General Education Development (GED) High School Equivalency Certificate Fact Sheet


The GED Tests measure your knowledge and skills against those of traditional high school graduates. A GED diploma documents that you have high school level skills in reading, writing, social studies, science and math. According to the Center for Adult Learning 93 percent of colleges and 96 percent of employers accept the GED as equal to a high school diploma.

GED Test Centers, Schedules and Costs

The GED Tests are offered at over 3000 locations in the U. S. with over 40 sites in and around Los Angeles. In large metropolitan areas there is usually a main GED Test Center, as well as test sites at adult schools, occupational centers and community colleges. The GED Test Center for Los Angeles is located in Room 514 of the Abram Friedman Occupational Center, 1646 South Olive Street. Most adult schools in California, in addition to offering GED preparation classes, test twice a year as well. A directory of adult schools and occupational centers offering the GED Tests follows this fact sheet. If you can't find a testing center near you the GED toll-free number, 800.626.9433, can refer you to a testing center in your local area.

Testing schedules are determined by the local testing centers. The GED Testing Center at the Abram Friedman Occupational Center in Los Angeles tests every Thursday. Adult schools and occupational centers that offer GED preparation classes test for the GED twice a year. A schedule of test dates is available at the GED Test Center or by contacting the individual sites.

Contact the Abram Friedman Occupational Center at 213.745.5516.

On average testing centers will charge approximately $50 to $100 to take the entire test, though some centers will charge a higher or lower amount. Most centers will also charge a fee if all or part of the test must be re-taken. Test fees for the Los Angeles GED Testing Center are as follows:

  • For the initial test battery - $50
  • For partial re-testing (1 - 4 tests) - $20.00
  • For re-testing entire battery - $ 40

Who is eligible to take the GED Tests?

You are eligible to take the GED Tests if you are a resident of California and are 18 years of age or older. Current California identification is required both at the time of registration and at the time of testing. Acceptable photo identification includes California drivers license, California ID card, passports and military ID.

Preparing for the GED Tests

While you probably have gained some knowledge and skills through life experience, like reading and writing, you may find the need for some help preparing for the GED Tests. The GED is a battery of five tests that take seven and a half hours to complete covering reading, writing, social studies, science and math. An essay question is an important element of the test as well. Regardless of your ability, you will be more prepared if you know what to expect in advance. There are two ways you can go about preparing for the GED, self study or preparation classes at an adult education center.

Self Study for the GED

GED preparation materials are available at most local bookstores and public libraries. Publishers like Cliff Notes offer a variety of preparation materials available at book stores. Click here to access GED preparation materials, videos and books on the Web. Some public television stations offer study at home programs. To find a GED broadcast series in your area contact your local public television station or call 800.354.9067. Official GED practice tests can be obtained in both Spanish and English through Steck-Vaughn at 800.531.5015. Several GED web sites offer sample questions as well as general information on GED test taking:

GED Adult Preparation Classes

If you need assistance beyond self study to prepare for the GED Tests, many programs are offered by local school districts at adult schools, occupational centers and community colleges. Staff members at these resource centers can help you decide whether you will need to study for all the tests, or whether you should spend time brushing up in just a few areas. A directory of adult education centers that provide both testing and preparation classes follows this fact sheet.