Comparison of Benefits for SSDI, SSI and SDI

  • SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance (Federal)
  • SSI - Supplemental Security Income (Federal)
  • SDI - State Disability Insurance (California)
  • SSA - Social Security Administration
Amount $1 to approximately $1800 per month, depending upon your FICA pay in. $870 per month. SSI supplements your total income to this level, and income from any other source is subtracted from the $870. $50 to $885 per week, depending upon your Cal. SDI/SUI pay in.
Waiting Period Five months from date of disability. None, other than waiting for approval of application, at which point you may receive a retroactive award back to the date of application (if you did not receive presumptive SSI in the meantime.) Seven days, waived in certain circumstances such as hospitalization.
Duration of Benefits As long as disability continues. As long as disability continues. Generally 52 weeks max. unless benefits are exhausted earlier.

For more information, see the Social Security Planner.